The Mentor Partnership LLC

New York
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Our services are simple.  After an assessment of your business situation by our Managing Partner, we will ask you to meet with one of our faculty members to determine if both of you are the right ones for the engagement.  After this "chemistry" meeting, you can decide to work together.  Once that is agreed, the relationship is 100% confidential. 

You can engage in an intensive one or two day startup with your mentor to fully explore your business situation and options, or you can have an intensive startup meeting to explore relevant business issues.  Meetings are typically every two to three weeks, although it depends upon the issues you confront.  There is no preset schedule or hourly rate.  Mentors are available for phone calls at any time.  They are your trusted business adviser.  We work on a quarterly retainer with no contract.  If value is delivered, the services can continue. 
We also provide expert consultation on mentoring programs spanning the entire organization or those addressing specific demographics in the organization.
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