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New York
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About The Partnership

The Mentor Partnership is a group of highly qualified executive mentors.  All have held positions of Divisional President, CEO and/or Chairman for at least ten years in large, multi-national organizations.  They are selected for their values, excellence, and ability to give back.  We work only with the top leaders exercising enterprise-wide responsibility in large organizations.  The mentors engage in a highly confidential, one-on-one, advisory relationship with CEOs and their direct reports. 


Those who are promoted from functional leadership positions to one of enterprise-wide responsibility find that the old methods that worked in the past for their success do not necessarily translate in this new role.  A mentor is qualified to provide peer-level advice in the areas of strategy, operations, organizational political culture, and personal leadership behavior.  Topics that a typical mentor can engage in are:


1.      Soundness of Strategy

2.      Execution Effectiveness and Pitfalls

3.      Business Model Relevance

4.      Funding Structure

5.      Acquisitions, Restructuring, Divestitures

6.      Organizational Alignment with Priorities

7.      Political Landscape

8.      International Expansion

9.      Managing Your Board/Investors/Shareholders/Wall Street

10.  Managing the Media


Since we work with only the top business unit leaders, standard executive development plans are not always the best approach.  We prefer to use experience and impart the wisdom of past actions.  The client’s needs will drive the agenda.  The mentor will test and challenge the validity of those needs and the underlying behaviors and actions.  The need to deliver business results remains at the top.  The mentor, used to delivering their own results, is vested in seeing the client succeed.  The mentor brings an emotionally detached mindset to the engagement, and this helps in thinking through issues and future decisions.


An unbiased mentor is often most valuable working with a client in these types of situations:


§         First time appointment to a position of enterprise-wide responsibility.

§         Succession planning in the identification and development of top executives who are in consideration for the top job.

§         A higher level of business complexity, perhaps following a promotion, requiring a new way of thinking and approach. 

§         An expatriate assignment to the US or working for a foreign-owned company.

High Potential executives can avail themselves of this unique, developmental approach.

Confidentiality is strict and absolute.  We do not disclose the names of our clients.  We will freely enter into confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with our client organizations.  All members of the Partnership are bound by this rule and agreement.


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